The ideal location for your reception? Choose an old villa!

It is not just the choice of a unique and sophisticated wedding dress that will define the style of your wedding. The location in which you will celebrate with your loved ones will be a distinctive trait of your big day, so it is important that it reflects the personality and good taste that unites you and your future husband. Do you dream of a classy wedding with a retro charm? Then keep reading this article! We will reveal to you how the most prestigious villas together with famous noble palaces are available to young newlyweds, opening their doors to phrases of love and memorable receptions.

The thousand shades of architectural styles
Before beginning an in-depth search for the period villa that will host you on your wedding day, it is necessary to acquire some basic notions about these fascinating aristocratic homes.

Why really a period villa?
The beauty of these buildings often lies within them: triumphal arches, frescoes and precious paintings, rather than a reception room the impression will be precisely that of being in a famous art museum. So why not take advantage of the wonder of these places to set up your sumptuous banquet?

Are your wedding scheduled during the summer? Then take advantage of the outdoor spaces! Most of the period villas offer the opportunity to take advantage of large and very green gardens where you can set up the aperitif buffet and the table for the romantic cut of the wedding cake. The gardens are also an excellent solution to breathe a fresh country air while remaining within the city walls; so what if the environment and the season allow it, why not organize the whole main meal in the green, among fragrant plants and colorful flowers?

During the organization of a wedding reception, numerous professional figures are involved and even in the prestigious period villa that will host your romantic event, many experts in the sector will not be missing. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and without annoying unforeseen events, specify the exact address and time of the meeting with your guests on your wedding invitations. Only then will you be able to manage everything optimally and you will see that your suppliers will also be grateful to you!

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